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'Horsing-A-Round' for all the right reasons

In the spring of 2023 The National Neon Sign Museum, in The Dalles, Oregon was made aware of the RFP opportunity offered by Restore Oregon. With a passion for preserving history, the Museum gathered their team and began the process of inquiry and submitting the required documents needed to be considered as the potential new home and restoration site for the Jantzen Beach Carousel, a national treasure. After several months of interviews, waiting, updating, and additional meetings, we were overjoyed to hear that The National Neon Sign Museum had been selected for this extraordinary opportunity to once again, engage the community as we join the past with the present.

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About Us

Heart of The Gorge 

The National Neon Sign Museum is located at the heart of the Columbia River Gorge. Featuring vintage Americana and neon ephemera, the Museum prides itself on offering the world’s first operation that explores the vibrant history of neon, demonstrating the rich troves of educational enlightenment. Home of the original 1910 neon patented tube, early electrical and gas experimentation dating to the late 1700s, and iconic signage such as Coca-Cola, patrons experience a guided promenade pinpointing three periods, illuminating the American investigation into advertising’s full potential and past.


Craftsmanship, Design & Features 

The C.W. Parker Carousel and the National Neon Sign Museum highlight a rare example of lighting and craftsmanship. The CW Parker Carousel boasts lighting and design from the early 1900s and complements many of the vintage signs located inside the museum. The carousel showcases more than 1,350 lightbulbs, soon to accentuate a pavilion of accompanying early advertising pieces from the same era. The carousel was originally constructed in 1921 for installation in Venice, California. In 1928 it was transported to the Jantzen Beach Amusement Park site where C.W. Parker personally attended the reassembly. The carousel was operational at the park for over 40 years and then moved into the Jantzen Beach Mall which replaced the park. The carousel continued to be a treasure and joy to riders of all ages until 2012 when it was placed in storage (Restore Oregon 2023).



Preserving Treasured Community Gems

Restore Oregon’s mission is to “preserve, reuse and pass forward the historic places and spaces that reflect Oregon’s diverse cultural heritage and make our communities inclusive, vibrant, livable, and sustainable” (Restore Oregon 2023). With over 45 years of preservation experience, Restore Oregon continues to advocate for under- represented peoples and communities, to retain places, spaces, and icons that are significant culturally and historically. Their work brings public attention to landmark homes and buildings that often can be preserved, rehabilitated, and brought back to functionality through carefully crafted plans and grants. Restore Oregon collaborates and partners with local city councils, Main Street programs, and residents to identify and revitalize forgotten gems of the community.

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