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Jantzen Beach

Re-opening at the National Neon Sign Museum

in The Dalles, Oregon for the 100-year-anniversary

Jantzen Beach Carousel photo from Restore Oregon archive.jpg

for all the right reasons

Lillie Belle Photo from Restore Oregon archive.jpg

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Jantzen Beach Carousel photo from Restore Oregon archive.jpg
repaired water horse at oregon historical society photo by Julio Brown.jpg

Restoring Historic Horses


Located in the heart of The Dalles downtown historic district, the National Neon Sign Museum captures the history, craftsmanship, and culture that shaped America, as viewed through the lens of the signage and advertising industry. With a focus on the evolution of the electric sign, from pre-electric and gold leaf signage, to the invention and widespread use of plastic, the museum’s assets represent one of the largest collections of neon storefront signs in the world. The collection boasts an expansive range of signage and artifacts related to the sign industry, including many one-of-a-kind signs and displays that cannot be viewed publicly anywhere else in the world, including one of the rarest groupings of West Coast petroleum signs ever assembled, such as Richfield-‘Eagle,’ Seaside, Polly, Associated, and the Buffalo sign. Many long lost signage icons are displayed on full-scale, authentic storefront replicas. The museum is also home to thousands of vintage pieces of documentation and ephemera. Learn more at .

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Hours of Operation

Located at:

The National Neon Sign Museum

Sunday-Wed: Varies

Thursday: 10-5pm

Friday: 10-5pm

Saturday: 10-5pm

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